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Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many companies choose us.

jennifer faison

A great thanks for your tireless effort and work in the spirit of excellence, we owe you more than we can even imagine. Your creation of our comprehensive brand image and stellar marketing campaign have truly catapulted us to levels we didn’t even know were possible!

Jennifer Faison

Owner, Muse Photography
Jacquelyn Gates-Shipe

They resolved a dilemma faced by my nonprofit for over 3 years. Their thorough assessment of our operations and existing website coupled with their understanding of our future strategic direction were refreshing. Their timetable met our needs and their deliverables were always timely and of high quality. It has been clear to me that we have received great value for their services and that they operate with integrity.”

Jacquelyn Gates-Shipe

CEO, Global Ties Alabama
Matt O'Rourke

Partnering with LeadLever Digital was a game-changer for my business. Their strategic approach and dedication led to increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and a stronger online presence. Their transparency and communication set them apart. I highly recommend them for driving real results in the digital marketing space.

Matt O'Rourke

CEO, Triangle Imports

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with LeadLever Digital. They have brought a much needed piece to our organizations and clients when it comes to setting up and walking clients through to the intricate part of setting up their websites and all social media platforms with producing quick turn around with getting their sites to the top of Google and other search engines which is a key to the success of our clients. LeadLever is unparalleled when it comes to SEO strategies and loves to share with clients their techniques if they are willing to listen.

Saint Paul Edwards

President, The Edwards Group

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